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Basta of the northern Macedonian melodrama. There are things you can't back down from

Basta of the northern Macedonian melodrama.

There are battles that echo in eternity. There are things you can't back down from. There are fronts that do not surrender. There are trenches that do not leave. There are flags that are defended to the last man. There is a past without which there is no future. There are red lines that do not cross. Our northern Macedonian neighbors must be told clearly, precisely and categorically.

We will not lose the honor won in the battles of the Bulgarian king Samuel. We will not erase the memory of the pain of his blinded soldiers. We will not forget its Bulgarian capital Ohrid.

We will not back down from the fact that Gotse Delchev is a Bulgarian national hero. We will not betray the front to the heroes from Doiran, who died for the national unification of the Bulgarians. We will not leave the trenches of the great Bulgarian officer Boris Drangov.

We will not hand over the battle flags to the thousands of Bulgarian soldiers who laid their bones on Kaimakchalan and the turn of Cherna, near Krivolak and the Red Wall.

Dear neighbors, do not cross the red line, behind which no mixed commissions and no political elites will help you. The commissions meet, the elites negotiate, but the nations help. Especially when one nation has given birth to two states.

The foundations of what is today defined as a modern Macedonian nation are the Bulgarian genes, the Bulgarian letters, the Bulgarian language and the Bulgarian blood. Blood shed on the battlefields of Macedonia and for Macedonia by the Bulgarian revolutionaries and the Bulgarian soldiers. Blood flowing to this day in the veins of people from Ohrid to Prilep, from Skopje to Bitola.

Without Bulgaria's past, there will be no European future for Northern Macedonia. At most one day to dawn like Southern Serbia or Eastern Albania.

The choice is theirs. Basta of this melodrama. There are battles that should not be lost for millennia.

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