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Yard of the Cyrillic alphabet

On May 2, 2015, the silence of the small town of Pliska, the former first capital of the Bulgarian state, was broken by the influx of thousands of people. The occasion is significant - the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of the Christianization of the Bulgarians in the Orthodox Christian faith. The Old Basilica - the first Orthodox Christian church in the Slavic world - welcomes high spiritual and secular figures from the entire Slavic community for the Divine Holy Liturgy on the occasion of the holiday.

Yard of the Cyrillic alphabet


 A large part of the human crowd gathers on the meadow at the opposite end of the town. They are guided by the huge 12-meter cross, which rises behind a high stone wall. On it hangs a coat of arms with an old Bulgarian rosette, framed in the name of Pliska and the testament of Asparuh "Here will be Bulgaria!" On an ordinary wooden gate in simple letters it is written: "Yard of the Cyrillic alphabet". On the day of the holiday the gate opens to welcome the first visitors of a unique cultural and historical complex not only for Bulgaria but also for the world. 

 In the complex "Stara Pliska" opened its doors "Yard of the Cyrillic alphabet". This old dream was realized by the Bulgarian businessman of Armenian origin Karen Aleksanyan, who lives in the town of Shumen. He began his work on spatial composition a year before its discovery. 

In the middle of the courtyard is the monument to Tsar Boris I, the Baptist, who led Bulgaria to Christianity, and his gaze is focused on the sculpture of Cyril and Methodius, the Enlightenment brothers, which reaches a height of 3.2 meters. Behind the statue is a 12-meter cross. 

The author of the monuments is the Turkish sculptor Behcet Zanaj. The whole space of the yard is occupied by large stone letters of the Cyrillic alphabet, made of Armenian tuff. They are made by a team of 12 people, led by master Ruben Nalbandian. An art gallery is located in the complex. 

Yard of the Cyrillic alphabet

There is a symbol in all this. Armenian and Turkish sculptors and Bulgarian artists are working on the creation of this project. 

The international team shows that there are no limits to culture.

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