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Why Germany has no moral right to pressure us for Skopje

Why Germany has no moral right to pressure us for Skopje

There are just as many "Macedonian" nations before 1944 as there are "Gederian" nations before 1989.

It is no longer a secret to anyone that Germany is pressuring us to open the way of Northern Macedonia to the European Union without fulfilling our demands regarding the reading of our common historical past. He presses us quite rudely and clumsily.

Looking at history, Germany does not have a single gram of moral right to demand from us that we have no claims to the brutal lies and anti-Bulgarian hysteria in Northern Macedonia. Excuse me, but why did our ancestors shed blood on the fields of the First World War? Wasn't it also for the German cause? Why are they attacking the wild Serbian mountains with unbridled courage, wasn't it to help the "fighting brothers" Germans and Austrians? Why did they fight heroically for three years against the 600,000 Anglo-French army in the Balkans? Wasn't it also because of the German Empire? Why did Kaiser Wilhelm II come on a day on the "Macedonian" front to admire the courage of the Bulgarians? Why give them tons of iron crosses? Why does this same German emperor like to dress for parades in Bulgarian military uniform? In fact, why do we always choose to fight for Germany? Well, because Germany has always recognized the Bulgarian character of Macedonia. Always and unconditionally. Firmly. Without a moment's hesitation. There is no historical school, political and military elite and in general a whole nation that has recognized more and more clearly than the German fact that the Macedonians are Bulgarians. That is why we twice entered the fire of the world wars on the German side. Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians who fell near Doiran, Krivolak, Bitola, Tutrakan, Dobrich, Bucharest, died not only to realize their national dream, but also because of German interests. Our ancestors rose in deadly knife attacks against the British, French and Russians not only for the Bulgarian but also for the German flag. Then there, in the sticky mud of the trenches, in the fields of the fierce battles of the First World War was born the famous Bulgarian-German fighting brotherhood, for which between 1920 and 1944 at least 15 wagons of books were written, and not only by Bulgarians, and mostly by Germans. Thousands of Germans fought with us in 1916-1918 in Macedonia to be part of Bulgaria. And why did we side with Germany during World War II? Again because of Germany's position that it recognizes the Bulgarian character of Macedonia and Thrace. We entered the Tripartite Pact not because of Hitler's stupid mustache or his criminal racial ideas, but because of the desire of the Bulgarian nation to be united in one state. See how the people of Skopje welcomed the Bulgarian troops in 1941 and then talk to me about the "Macedonian nation" and the "Macedonian language". See them in the German chronicles. They are greeted as liberators from the Serbian yoke. They are greeted not as brothers but as compatriots. Even today, Germany, which has always encouraged us to defend the Bulgarian character of Macedonia, "washes its hands" in a basin of not very clear "European values" and makes us compromise. In what German eyes did Greece have more right to defend its history than we did? It seems that in order for Germany to support you today, you must have fought it at least twice in the past. Sorry, but this is a historical perversion. In fact, is there a more primordial right than the right of a people to want to live together? Have we, the Bulgarians, ever challenged Germany's right to unification? Didn't a large part of the Bulgarian intelligentsia and people sympathize with the German aspiration for unity even during the time of totalitarianism? Wasn't "German" taught in our schools? In how many other countries in the world could German be taught in the official public school? Didn't even the People's Republic of Bulgaria of Todor Zhivkov befriend the German Federal Republic of Willy Brandt and Dietrich Genscher the most? Weren't we happy when the wall fell and Germany reunited? Did any of us then say that there was a "Gedera nation", a "Gedera language" or some "East German" identity? In fact, how did the Germans from the former GDR enter the EU? In the most natural way - they just reunited with their motherland. If Macedonia wanted the EU so badly, it could do so in the most natural way, uniting with its motherland, Bulgaria. Just like the Germans did.

And now that our only claim to the northern Macedonians is simply to recognize their Bulgarian roots and history until 1944, Germany to "press" us for compromises is an expression of total historical ingratitude. Why if Soviet communism erected a concrete wall between the East and West Germans, then the Yugoslav Communists erected a wall of corpses between us and the Bulgarians in Macedonia. A wall whose mortar is from the blood and bones of the tens of thousands of Bulgarians shot and literally slaughtered by Tito's red gangs. If we paraphrase a famous slogan, we would exclaim: Germanio, come to your senses! “

Macedonian ”nation before 1944 there was just as much as there was a “Gederian” nation or an “East German language” before 1989. The German pressure on Bulgaria was a betrayal not only of Bulgarian but also of German history. If the Germans are partly ashamed of their history, we are not ashamed of our own. Let them not kill their historical complexes and wines at our expense.

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