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Why Putin put the gun to Ukraine's forehead

A major war against Ukraine is not (yet). The West is wrong when it catches the Kremlin's hook and betrays its concern about a possible Russian invasion. The correct answer should be different.


Why Putin put the gun to Ukraine's forehead

Western media on inertia continue to ask what Vladimir Putin aims at gathering troops along the border with Ukraine. Some time ago, the Russian president made it clear that he was interested in "long-term security guarantees" from the West. And now everything is in order: Putin is asking NATO for written assurances that the Alliance will not expand eastward. That is, Ukraine and Georgia will not take refuge under the umbrella of NATO, as promised at a meeting in Bucharest in 2008.

The expected response came from Riga, where NATO foreign ministers with Ukraine had met: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated that Russia has no veto power.

Putin wants NATO not only to give up eastward expansion, but also bilateral military aid, which could seriously boost Kiev's defense potential. The Kremlin sees this aid as a "military takeover" of Ukraine by the West.

The West should not fulfill his wish. The best response to Russia's new military maneuvers on the border with Ukraine can be compared to a demonstrative visit by a high-ranking Western leader to Kiev. This type of support for Ukraine is currently too small and insufficient.

Russia has denied reports of a possible offensive against Ukraine

The country has accused Washington of trying to make matters worse. Russia has denied reports of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine and said Washington was trying to worsen the situation, while blaming Moscow.

The publication quoted Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying:

"The United States is conducting a special operation to worsen the situation around Ukraine, while at the same time shifting responsibility to Russia."

"This is based on provocative actions near Russia's borders combined with accusatory rhetoric," she said.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that according to US intelligence, Russia may be planning an offensive against Ukraine next year involving 175,000 troops. The publication referred to employees and an intelligence document.

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