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Cat cafes

Cat Cafe is a place where you can not only order delicious food, but also play with friendly cats that are waiting for your attention. The idea for a cafe with cats originated in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan. The first Japanese cafe with cats was opened in 2004 in Osaka. In just 15 years, this successful idea spread throughout Asia and even put its claws into Europe. 

Cat cafes

 Cat's cafe. Tokyo, Japan

Not every local resident of Tokyo can afford to have a cat. However, cat lovers are not diminishing from this. People come to Koshkino cafe not just to play with cats, but also to relax and take a break from worries. Since ancient times, cats have been renowned for their ability to calm people down. The Cat Cafe is very popular with locals and is home to 11 wonderful cats.

 Minimal Cafe. Taipei, Taiwan

Minimal Cafe is a favorite spot for many locals. In June 2012, there were 15 cats in the main cafe and another 15 cats in the basement. Some visitors jokingly call this place a trap. There is free Wi-Fi, calm music, and many cute fluffy cats that will easily hypnotize any visitor.

 Cat cafe. Budapest, Hungary

The Cat Cafe in Budapest was opened in early 2013. The café is currently home to 13 felines and many regulars. Especially the cafe is fond of people who, with all their desire, cannot have a cat at home because of their busyness. Many visitors say that they will not be able to pay enough attention to the pet, therefore they do not turn it on, but come here in their free time and spend it with the cats.

 Nekokaigi Cafe - Kyoto, Japan

Pets can be quite expensive in Japan. Many call them a luxury item. Perhaps this is why cat cafes are gaining such popularity. According to the BBC, about 150 cat cafes have opened in the country over the past 10 years. Nekokaigi Cafe is located on the island of Honshu. This place is known for its excellent relaxing environment. However, there are rules that must not be violated: children under 13 are not allowed to enter the cafe; cats should not be fed or watered with their own products; cats must not be lifted and photographed with flash.

 Cafe Neko - Vienna, Austria

The cafe was opened in 2012. It is the first cat café in Europe. The most important rule of the cafe is that dogs are not allowed! Opening such a cafe in Vienna is not an easy task. It took Takaku Ishimitsu, the owner of the cafe, 3 years to get permission from the officials.


 Cat Republic - St. Petersburg, Russia

The Cat Republic is a unique art cafe in St. Petersburg, which opened its doors in 2011, which, as of February 2013, has 15 felines. In addition to just a pleasant company of cats, psychologists and felinologists tell café visitors how to correctly understand their pets and take care of them.

Cat cafes

 Godabang Cat Cafe - Seoul, South Korea

Godabang Cat Cafe is home to 20 different breeds of cats. The cafe is located near Konkuk University, making it a meeting place for many people. Believed to have some of the best hot chocolate in South Korea, this cafe is a must-see.

 Cat Cafe. Shanghai, China

This is the perfect place for cat lovers. Here you can play and take a break from the worries around. The institution was opened in 2012. Its popularity continues to grow. The cafe is visited by many tourists and locals.

Cat cafes

 Cat Cafe Calico

This lovely cafe is home to 20 cats. It will be easier to grab the attention of the animals in this establishment if you buy cat food at the front desk. This cafe is very quiet, which is a significant contrast for Tokyo. This is a wonderful place where you can drink a delicious drink and pet cats, away from the noise of the city.


 Cafe Temple of the Cat. Munich, Germany

The Cat Temple cafe in Munich was opened in 2013. Facility's cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. Despite the fact that cats live in this cafe, there are no problems with hygiene. As a precaution, the kitchen has been separated from the cafe, so cats cannot access it. Nobody forgot about cats either. If they get tired of the company of people, they can hide in rooms where visitors cannot enter. 

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