Рассказы о далеких местах и чудесах этого мира. Захватывающие путешествия, мировые истории и поездки к знаменитым достопримечательностям.



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The town of Tryavna and its landmarks

Tryavna is a memory of silence and sun. And slowness. Nobody is in a hurry there, because there is time for everything. The clock tower only confirms this thought. If you need a real vacation, Tryavna is your place. You can safely go alone and not be bored for a moment. 

The town of Tryavna and its landmarks

 If you visit one of the unique houses every day, set aside a day at the Tryavna Icon Painting School Museum, a time to sit in front of a café waiting for coffee to be brought to you and to stare at people coming in and out of small souvenir shops, then at the end of your holiday you will feel full of impressions, colors and images. 

 Tryavna is one of the most suitable places to listen and understand - where this one inside you has gone. 

 One of the most pleasant and impressive places for me in the city is the Dimitar Kazakov Gallery.

Dimitar Kazakov Gallery

 Dimitar Kazakov - Nero is the first Bulgarian artist whose paintings can be seen at the Louvre. In 2004 an exhibition of his paintings was organized in Sofia, but the only place where you can always get acquainted with his unique work is Tryavna. And sinking into his worlds is worth it. 

 The gallery was opened in 1985 in the restored Nightingale School. Choose a warm afternoon and visit the school. First you can relax in the shade of the verandas in the courtyard. Then walk around the low rooms with arranged desks and sandpits, in which the children wrote their first letters. And only after that he went to the halls, where paintings and wooden sculptures of the Kazakov brothers - Nikola and Dimitar are exhibited. 

 Characteristic of Nero's paintings is the unusual perspective. The feeling that the images fly in another space, where gravity is unknown and at the same time - because the artist is inspired by life, folklore and ancient Bulgarian icons, everything is known, close, you have ever heard, tasted, felt, dreamed. 

The gallery in Tryavna is quiet. There are rarely many people. It's cool. You can stay as long as you want and enjoy the colors, shapes, colors. Hear what the pictures whisper to you. 

 Myths and legends - Exhibition of Dimitar Kazakov – Nero


Do not worry. The ringing of the clock tower in Tryavna will surely bring you back to reality in time. You leave the gallery and continue your tour - the Raikov House, the Daskalov House - be sure to hear the story of the two suns that adorn the ceilings of two of the rooms in it. 

The town of Tryavna and its landmarks

 If you can't take in more emotions and feelings after visiting the Kazakov Gallery, sit in one of the many restaurants with a glass of wine. And look at the people, the houses, the streets. You will feel that you see everything with new eyes. 

 Tryavna .... 

 Tryavna. The city where beauty is born


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