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Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria

Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg
This manor house, set at the lake’s edge among lush gardens in the shadow of the medieval Hohensalzburg Castle, looks fit for a fairy tale. But Schloss Leopoldskron’s history isn’t all idylls and fancy-dress balls. Built in the mid-18th century in a Salzburg suburb, the rococo palace had fallen into disrepair by the early 20th century. It was bought in 1918 by famed director Max Reinhardt, who spent 20 years meticulously renovating the palace.

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Reinhardt then was forced to flee his home after the Nazi-led German government annexed Austria in 1938.
Following World War II, the schloss (or palace) saw a revival: it was returned to the Reinhardt family and then became the site of a global think tank.

Schloss Leopoldskron

The home and gardens were also memorably used as locations for The Sound of Music.

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