Рассказы о далеких местах и чудесах этого мира. Захватывающие путешествия, мировые истории и поездки к знаменитым достопримечательностям.



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Snow Walk

Let me introduce you some interesting facts about the mountains of our planet (and not only) that will make you smarter ... in a nutshell
Did you know that…
The highest peak in the solar system is Olympus. But not the one in Greece, but on Mars - (Olympus Mons). The highest point is 22,000 meters.

Snow Walk

There are still unconquered peaks on Earth. Gangkar Puensum is the tallest one, with a height of 7570 m. It is not subdued because it is located on the border between Bhutan and China, which are still arguing which country it belongs to, and the ban on visitation is because of religious dogmas… probably.
Mount Everest has been climbed about 7,000 times, from just over 4,000 people, from 13 (Jordan Romero) to 80 years old (Yuchiro Miura).
And to know, Tibet, with its Everest summit, is not the highest mountain in the world. Mauna Kea in Hawaii is the highest one. Before you find me and I am going to add - Everest is the highest altitude. Mauna Kea is just over 4,000 meters above sea level. With its part underwater, the total height of the mountain exceeds 10,000 meters.
There are countries in the world without any mountains (poor ones). And not small in territory. Belarus is the largest of them, with an area of 207 thousand square kilometers. neither a mountain nor a hill higher than 500 meters meets. Its highest point is the hill Dzerzhinskaya Gora - Dzerzhinskaya Hara (346 m).

Snow Walk

Well, there are countries that are just mountains. Bhutan is the country with the highest average altitude - about 3280 m, located entirely in the mountains. In second place is Nepal, with 14 meters less. Once upon a time, Tibet was a champion, surpassing 4000 m in average height.
We all know which is the highest mountain ... And the lowest? Now I got you! Google brief and this is…. Wychepruuf in Australia - 148 meters above sea level. I call it a hill, but ... Geologists are still arguing about the difference between a hill and a mountain.
Have you been to Vitosha over the weekend. Crowded? Well, Fuji is the highest mountain in the world. The record year is 2009 with over 300,000 tourists climbing the summit and the active season is July and August…
We are moving to Antarctica. If you imagine it as a big white snow field ... you are a little mistaken. Its leader, Mount Vinson, is 4892 meters high.
The mountains of the earth occupy 20% of the surface, with about 12% of the population living there. Most seem to be oriented around plains and large water basins. That is why 80% of the drinking water comes from the mountains.
The capital city is La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. It is located in the Andes and with its 3,650 m altitude, it pretty much bothers tourists who find it difficult to breathe there.
The highest placed city in Bulgaria is Dospat, 1358 m., Followed by Chepelare - 1232 m.


And let me share one more fact to make us think we are smart - the highest station in the Balkans is Avramovo Station, 1267 m.


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