Рассказы о далеких местах и чудесах этого мира. Захватывающие путешествия, мировые истории и поездки к знаменитым достопримечательностям.



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Architectural Reserve Zheravna

In Bulgaria, the village of Zheravna is famous for its magnificent surrounding nature, wooden architecture from the Bulgarian National Revival era and the many preserved folk crafts.


Today, about 300 houses with fewer than 500 people live in Jeravna. Interestingly, the facades of the houses are oriented just to the south.
The only school in Jeravna is closed recently and now houses a carpet exhibition. Such double-faced wool carpets have been woven here from time immemorial. Craftsmen sell carpets by hanging them on fences along cobblestone streets.


They are so diverse in patterns and colors that you can't find two identical ones.Many old houses in Zheravna have been turned into museums. The most famous is the 18th-century house of Sava Filaretov.


The famous writer Yordan Yovkov was also born in Jeravna and his house is a museum open to visitors.St. Nicholas Church, built in 1828-34, is hidden behind a stone fence. Near the entrance is a holy water with healing water. There is a collection of unique icons in St. Nicholas Church.


In the courtyard of the church, under wooden limes, a master paints wooden toys in front of tourists.

master paints

Every year Zheravna hosts a folklore festival. All those who want to attend the festival must be dressed in Bulgarian national costumes.


Zheravna is a very quiet place where guests are greeted with national dishes and folk music.

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