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Maiden Grapes In My Father's House

For years I enjoyed the facade of my father's house. I wondered when I saw people passing by us to take out cameras to shoot, you shoot .... Then I realized it was because of the maiden grapes! Maiden grapes vine, reaching a height of 10-20 meters, increasing by 1-2 meters per year. Climb using antennae, sometimes ending with suction cups that allow it to attach and climb flat and even very smooth surfaces. On his way easily curl, which gives him further opportunity to be fixed. Mainly the beauty of the maiden grapes vine leaves, which are mostly green in summer and red before falling in autumn. It blooms in July and August with inconspicuous greenish-yellow, often hidden under foliage colors after overblown crumble. If you remain fruits, they are small, purple-black with a white waxy coating. Stand the stems on the plant, under leaves and are visible from September to December, after the fall, if it is not eaten by birds. Maiden grapes seem picturesque, especially in summer.

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