Рассказы о далеких местах и чудесах этого мира. Захватывающие путешествия, мировые истории и поездки к знаменитым достопримечательностям.



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One of the biggest Bulgarian rulers was Tsar Kaloyan. The third of the brothers who led the liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people at the end of the 12th century, was called John, but as the smallest he was called Ioanitsa. His official name was Kaloyan (Good, Good Ivan). He signed up for official documents. Byzantine historians called it "Skiloyoan" (dog Ivan) because of its cruelty towards the Byzantines. He called himself the "Romeubian" and declared that he was taking revenge on the Byzantines for the evil that the emperor Vasily II had once done to his people. Tsar Kaloyan stabilized the domestic political life of Bulgaria and achieved international recognition for his country. He restored the territorial integrity of Bulgaria since the time of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. The active foreign policy of Tsar Kaloyan prevented the strengthening of the Latin Empire and created the conditions for its future liquidation.


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