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It is harvesting. Poppy reds are among the golden cereal classes. Poppies that are so beautiful that it's hard to take your eyes off them.
There are several legends related to the appearance of poppy. The ancient Greeks believed that this flower was created by the god of sleep, Hypnos, for Demeter, when she was so tired of searching for her lost daughter Persephone, who was abducted by Hades, the lord of the underworld of the dead. Hypnos then gave poppy to sleep and rest.


With poppies, Persephone herself was sometimes portrayed - she was pictured with a garland of poppy flowers - as a symbol of resting on earth.
According to Roman legend, the poppy grows from the tears of Venus that she shed after learning of the death of the beautiful young Adonis.
According to Buddhist legend, poppy grew out of the earth when it was touched by the lashes of the sleeping Buddha.

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