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The magic of theater

Tonight I was in the National Theatre. I watched, no empathy, no, admiring, no, I left the theater grateful to all of you who were on the scene and made of "Life is beautiful" as a wonderful experience !!! It may not sound pathetic.

The magic of theater

You - I'm just a number of years and maybe use an old-fashioned dictionary, but, believe me, the emotion I was not old-fashioned, real is nevertheless, despite this text, I left the theater full of optimism, backed up with a certain amount of bitter pessimism / I do not know whether it is just a definition / but inspired by what was happening on the stage of your scene, but on our stage Thank you, Biljana to call for your bright presence in the bright and complex mental tangle of amazing directorial reading of Morfov.
I am happy that I was close to you tonight!

Author: Christina Angelakova

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