Рассказы о далеких местах и чудесах этого мира. Захватывающие путешествия, мировые истории и поездки к знаменитым достопримечательностям.



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The Years tell

The Years tell
Bulgaria is a country with a glorious and long history. We will try to follow it.

The Years tell

First Bulgarian State (681 - 1018)

681 - Creation of the Bulgarian State. First Bulgarian State (681 - 1018)
855 - Creation of the Slavic alphabet
865 - Bulgaria accepts Christianity
886 - The students of St.St. Cyril and Methodius come to Bulgaria
917 - The battle of King Simeon at the Aheloy River
1018 - Bulgaria falls under Byzantine rule

Restoration of the Second Bulgarian State (1185 - 1396)

1185 - Assen and Peter Uprising, liberation.
1218 - Ivan Asen II stands on the Bulgarian throne
1277 - Ivaylo's Rural Uprising
1393 - Turnovo was conquered by the Ottoman Turks
1396 - Bulgaria falls under Ottoman rule
1762 - Father Paisius writes "Slavic-Bulgarian History"
1824 - Peter Beron wrote the first Bulgarian book
1835 - The first Bulgarian school was opened
1870 - The Bulgarian Church becomes independent
1876 - The April Uprising erupts
1877-78 - Russo-Turkish War. Liberation from Turkish slavery

The Third Bulgarian State is being restored

1879 - Tarnovo Constitution

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